18 August 2007

Semper studeo

Four years in university to obtain a balance between a practical and creative profession resulted in complete lack of motivation for any type of personal artistic pursuits [spanning beyond near-carpal tunnel from 40 hours a week on the computer], upon obtaining some semblance [roughly speaking, of course] of the said profession.

Two more academic years spent seeking to balance out the technically oriented career with the impractical, yet oh-so-enjoyable-gosh-darn-it intellectual pursuits solely led to gaining the ability to name-drop a graduate degree at a martini party. [And I don't even like martinis or attend parties.]

Up next - 5+ more years of yet another advanced graduate degree to be largely used as an ego-boost via earning the title Dr. and, more important, adding another tag to my eMail signature?

You told me so, didn't you?

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