05 December 2009

Slaughtering a (ManBear)Pig

I don't watch much television.

Most of the time, it constitutes background noise as I cook or perform other tasks that don't require excessive cranial prowess. With anywhere between one and three jobs and my doctorate-in-progress, I've perfected the art of multitasking and should consider doing infomercials on the subject (speaking of television). Work out while listening to Japanese language mp3s? You've got it. No wonder I wake up severely sleep-deprived with a high-pitched voice in my head repeating, "Hidoi kao shiteru!" -- "I look awful!".

Russian television I do miss, however. Having lived in Moscow for nearly three months this autumn, I've experienced real journalism and political talk shows to die for. These simply don't exist in North America.

Amusing, isn't it? Every few months yet another independent (as opposed to independent-thinking) international organization releases a study, in which it basically describes the Russian media as terrible government lackeys. Lackeys or not, Russian state channels are nearly virginal when it comes to the North American style of political correctness. As a result, these channels broadcast The Great Global Warming Swindle, openly and frequently discuss the Islamification of Europe, inverted Western societies, dropping European birth rates, and the death of the West in general.

In fact, the release of yet another statistical accusation targeting the Russian media a few days ago made me smirk in light of the painfully missing coverage of Climategate in North America. Evidently, the waste of millions taxpayer dollars is not important enough a story for, uhhh, independent "liberal" media to cover, but a bicycle-powered "green" (get it?!?!?) Christmas tree for the upcoming Copenhagen ManBearPig summit -- is!

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Brian said...

Hello Nina,

Interesting article. I've been under the impression for some time that, contrary to modern Western perceptions (largely clouded by vestiges of Cold-War rhetoric that are still useful to certain elements within the West) Russia is probably one of the few, white countries where one can speak openly on the subjects of genuine relevance to the future of the European peoples. How has this been useful to the Russian people, in terms of facilitating a renaissance? I am aware that Russia has (and still has?) problems with dropping birth-rates, alcoholism, etc etc. Is a reversion of these societal trends underway - possibly inaugurated by Putin and his clearly ethno-nationalistic policies? Or does Russia continue to decline in spite of the genuine freedom of discussion and the renewal of explicitly Russian leadership?

Kind regards,