14 January 2006

Canadian democrazy in action

The issue that irritates me the most about the current Canadian federal election process is not:

  • the generally apolitical voters' ignorance regarding the basic platform of each party and electoral decision-making based on rumor

  • the almost omnipresent belief that the government needs to become even more of a babysitter to it subjects than it already is and the consequent sense of false entitlement that this belief brings along

  • the wide-spread hatred for self-achieved financial success and the notion that it needs to be penalized

  • the shameless and childish mudslinging and fear tactics in advertisements on the part of the party in power

  • the hypocritical assumption that there is a single
    set of Canadian values
    , conveniently defined by the ruling party, that every Canadian possesses, but that current opposition does not, which makes this opposition anti-Canadian

  • the blatant America-bashing on the part of the ruling party

  • ...but rather the fact that almost every district profiled on Toronto / Greater Toronto Area radio stations seems to contain a member from the Communist and the Marxist-Leninist parties running for election. Expectedly, each of these homo (hopefully) sapiens spews regurgitated Robinhood vomit from the Manifesto that even Jack "Lenin" Layton himself would not dream of.



    Anonymous said...

    I clap and ofcourse agree.

    OORANOS said...

    Have a good time